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Ethan Pak Rome is a Korean and Norwegian choreographer based in Seattle. He blends hip-hop and martial arts into his contemporary movement. Conceptually, his work often draws on themes of identity, heritage, and philosophy. He has choreographed for KDC, Price Arts N.E.W., Intrepidus, Bridge Project, BOOST, Western Washington University, Gonzaga University, and co-founded Forthun+Rome Dance Theater and the Trillium Dance Collective.

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fell tree photo amoeba.jpg.jpg


Ethan's choreography is an exploration of contemporary dance with a lineage stemming from breaking, hip hop, and martial arts. These aesthetics are applied to concepts such as heritage, identity, and belonging.

Ethan Pak Rome

Ethan Pak Rome

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Ethan's competition choreography has received multiple awards including Judge's Choice. He pushes his students to rethink what dance means and does not conform to the preconceived notions of what competition choreography should be.

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